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Unit Alarms

Studies show that most thefts at self-storage facilities are committed by renters.

Having the ability to monitor each unit on an individual basis gives you the power to protect your tenants and their valuables. This will enable you to rent these units for more per month with a 5–12% increase in income. We offer various methods of securing each individual door from hard-wired systems. Keep in mind that the very best time for installation is during the facilities’ construction.

  • Automatic arm/rearm with WinSen Sentinel
  • Access and Platinum Access
  • Over 2,000 point monitoring
  • Multiple unit arm/disarm with single code
  • Multiple output relays for triggering various devices when alarms occur
Sentinel can also supply your site with a gate operator.

Now, manage unattended sites from your home office over a telephone line or internet connection.

  • Easy to operate Access Control for peace of mind
  • Convenient, time-saving management of all your “satellite” locations from one leasing office
  • Four, seven-day time zones
  • Easily expandable up to 16 keypads per site
  • Manage both local and any remote locations abroad using a single PC
  • Real-time activity is reported by each location on the Sentinel Access Control activity screen
  • Apply this new concept at any access point on your existing property or in your next phase
  • Communicate with your gate using wireless modems or the internet
Sentinel Storage Security

Office 26, 203 Rooks Road,
Vermont VIC 3133 Australia

Australia  1300 852 117
New Zealand  0800 746 311
International  +61 3 9988 2035

Support Help Desk

Australia  1300 852 117
New Zealand  0800 746 311
International  +61 3 9988 2035

Help Desk: 7am-7pm AEST/AEDT
Support still available outside of these hours

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