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No Fee Security Inspection

If you're new to Sentinel your first security inspection is FREE

The last thing any business wants is unnecessary exposure to risk, and it’s surprising how little it takes to for a self-storage facility, or any business for that matter, to be open to a security risk.  Even with all of the latest and greatest security systems in place,  without skilled maintenance, holes start to open up and aren’t easily spotted by the untrained eye.

Sentinel Australasia and its international team of security installers know what to look for, and can help bridge any gaps… whether you already have a comprehensive security system or just a lock on the door,  we can make the right recommendations to ensure you have all bases covered.

A comprehensive security inspection will cover things such as:
– A site perimeter review including access points, fencing & locks
– The operational state of your current access control system, CCTV & alarm networks (if applicable)
– New technologies that could improve your security, or more effective use of your current technologies
– and much more!

And as a new Sentinel customer, there’s no cost to you and no obligation to proceed with recommendations.

To get started just contact us.  We look forward to working with you

17 Reasons to Choose Us

Things to consider when choosing a self-storage security software & hardware solution

  1. Can one company supply, install and manage your Access Control, unit alarming, lighting control, CCTV, office alarm and electric fence?
  2. Are the company’s products specific to a self-storage environment?
  3. Does the Access Control and Unit Alarming Software interface with management software?
  4. Are all the products market-leading?
  5. Can the keypads continue to work when communications are offline, allowing your tenants uninterrupted access?
  6. Do the keypads keep time and migrate information back to the software when it comes back online?
  7. Are the installers that are authorised to install the product hand selected or can anyone install the product?
  8. Are installers available in every state and territory of Australia, NZ (north and south islands)?
  9. Is every job inspected by a Quality Assurance Representative?
  10. Is the technical support centre manned always?
  11. Is the software and hardware the best of the best?
  12. Are mobile phone and tablet applications standard?
  13. Can the software give alarm notifications to the manager and unit holder via SMS, email or both? Can the software notify customers via SMS when their entry code is used?
  14. Is the lighting control software standard?
  15. Can the provider introduce you to self-storage builders, managers, brands and management software companies?
  16. Has the provider got a great track record with 1000s of installations worldwide? We have installations with hundreds of self-storage operators throughout Australia, NZ and Asia including Fort Knox, Kennard’s Self Storage, Storage King, StoreLocal, National Storage, and the list goes on.
  17. One telephone number to assist. +61 3 9988 2035
Sentinel Storage Security

Office 26, 203 Rooks Road,
Vermont VIC 3133 Australia

Australia  1300 852 117
New Zealand  0800 746 311
International  +61 3 9988 2035

Support Help Desk

Australia  1300 852 117
New Zealand  0800 746 311
International  +61 3 9988 2035

Help Desk: 7am-7pm AEST/AEDT
Support still available outside of these hours

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