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Access Control

Superior Integration with Sentinel Platinum Range

Sentinel Platinum Access Software

Only the very best for the world’s leading storage facilities.

  • Log into the property’s access control system from any computer. Monitor property activity from multiple locations through multiple web browsers on a single workstation.

  • Now all network workstations can access and change information in the property’s database.

  • Multiple communication ports are supported for additional access control systems.

  • Alarm and monitor building and hallway entrances.

  • Utilising SQL server as the database engine.

  • The NEW Platinum access control runs as a Windows service, meaning no network login is required.

  • Activity Alerts via text message or email.

  • Seamlessly built-in integration from the ground up.

  • Designed for complete site operation.

Complete Facility Automation

Sentinel Platinum allows for complete, customisable,  ‘event-driven’ facility automation.  Trigger alarms, lighting, elevators, security call centres, electric fences and much more.

Via a mobile app you can check system logs, open gates & doors … receive an SMS any time of the day or night for any significant events including door alarms or system failures.

Most cost-effective automated door lock in the market

We recognise that self-storage centres will use various access control systems, individual alarm providers, and lighting & lift control systems, so Global Entry One hasn’t been designed to replace current electronic security already invested in, but rather to work in conjunction with a variety of products, to replace traditional locking systems with our latest technology.

Global Entry One has been built in conjunction with StorCo with over 35 years in the self-storage sector and Amarda with over 30 years in electronics.


This technology has been paired with Sentinel Storage Security who understands storage security requirements.

  • Low-cost Auto Electronic Door Lock
  • No Wi-Fi or Mobile Phone Reception needed
  • Direct Phone to Lock Bluetooth communication
  • Door doesn’t auto-lock – Customer needs a mobile phone to lock
  • Ability for managers to restrict unit access
  • Battery life between 3-5 years
  • Easy battery swap-out
  • Low battery interface and standby mode
  • Works with StorCo Installed Doors
Control door access from the Mobile App or Web Console

Mobile App

  • Register your account
  • Used for lock and gateway setup
  • Unlock using Bluetooth
  • Share Bluetooth (Mobile) keys
  • Issue preconfigured pin codes with expiry time and date (8 digits)
  • Remote Unlock
  • Admin create manager access and rights from the Mobile App
  • Admin and Managers have separate logins and rights
Web Console
  • Log in using the details you registered on the Mobile App
  • Remote unlock
  • Create unique remote pin codes (4-6 digits)
  • Add/remove RFID card access remotely
  • Retrieve live unlocking records and battery status
  • Manage lock signal strength and online status
  • Admin and managers have separate logins
  • Real-time low battery status alert
  • Managers will see locks to manage if Admin has allowed it
Smart Keypad Technology
Sentinel Storage Security

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New Zealand  0800 746 311
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Support Help Desk

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New Zealand  0800 746 311
International  +61 3 9988 2035

Help Desk: 7am-7pm AEST/AEDT
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