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Sentinel Newsletter – October 2018

Self Storage & Access Control Solutions You Can Count On


A note from the owner and general manager Jason Keane 
Not a day goes by, that I don’t reflect upon how lucky I have been to be involved in such a great industry. My 18 year involvement has seen me go from a Store Manager, to an Operations Manager, to a General Manager and now an Owner of a premier self storage software, security hardware brand & its wide ranging array of products.
The support that the industry and the people within have given me is truly amazing. I am very thankful and blessed. By you receiving this newsletter means that you have played a part and its our way of keeping everyone connected.
My job sees me travel throughout Australia , New Zealand and Asia regularly. This month alone we have visited in excess of 20 potential customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. As our business grows, so does the support that we need offer. It’s important to me that when you call Sentinel we are there to help. 
Sentinel Storage Security now has in excess of 300 clients in Australia, NZ and Asia. Our business model is all about superior levels of customer service, having great reliable products and letting you deal with one person from the start to finish. Everything security is available – access control , unit alarming , lighting control , CCTV , office alarms , monitoring , electric fences and more. 
Activity levels 
The Australian market continues to be strong in particular Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Regional areas like Bendigo, Geelong, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast are extremely busy as well. We are also seeing activity in the Adelaide market which has been slow previously. Perth continues to be slow on an enquiry front, when compared to past years . However we are starting to see a little more activity there. Perth residents are optimistic that lithium will trigger the next mining stimulus. 
New Zealand 
We recently appointed a sales manager/ coordinator in New Zealand. Shane Goodall has decades of security experience and since starting this month, he has not stopped responding to leads from the SAAA conference in August and has been following up, project managing current customers and new projects in both North and South islands. 
Shane can be contacted by emailing: shane@storagesecurity.co.nz or calling 0800 746 311 (NZ Toll Free) . He has a big motor and is very customer serviced focused . He is a true expert and a great listener. 
While we have been focusing on our Australian and NZ markets, we have been less focused on our Asian business until now. This month Sentinel Storage Security appointed a Brand Development Manager (BDM) to the Asian region. Andrew Browne will be the driver in all regions of Asia with projects underway in three Asian countries already.
Andrew can be contacted by emailing: andrew@storagesecurityasia.com or + 61399882035 . Andrew is a previous self storage operator who knows the industry inside out. 
Support Operations 
Our help desk knowledge base has been revamped this month . Dallas Wood, Our Support Manager has created a set of self help documents for users who are happy enough to have crack at doing some self help. The content and number of documents and videos will continue to be updated. If you are a support subscriber you will have access to these documents online upon request. Access to telephone support , the knowledge base , email and Team Viewer support is available from as little as $3 per day . 
We are set for a huge run through to Christmas with over 40 projects to complete
Head Office Operations 
We are looking for a Office manager/ Operations Manager, It’s a role that was previously done on a part time basis but because of the volume of work and what we have planned in the works, this is now a full time role. Based in our new offices are in Mitcham Victoria, 9am – 5pm role. The candidate must be confident and have a great phone manner . You need to be passionate and be willing to learn all aspects of the role. Sales and cold calling are a crucial part of the role and the right candidate will be paid bonuses. Package is $60,000 pa – this includes super, 4 weeks annual leave.
Must have previous exposure to the storage industry . If you are interested call me on +61488200070 / 0488200070. 
New Customers 
Our recent projects include Storage King Cheltenham, Storage King Truganina, Storage King Yarraville, Fort Knox Coburg , Store Local Hallam, CLIK Moorabbin, Bell Storage Broadford, Brendale Storage QLD, Simply Storage NSW, West Melton Storage. Thank you also to customers who we are working with on their expansions. 
Our support help desk is second to none. We are there when you need us – 1300852117 & support@storagesecurity.com.au
Commercial Building Security Tips
How do you improve your building security to protect yourself, your business, your employees, and your clients? 
Perhaps the most important tip to keep in mind, first and foremost –  Securing your property must be proactive rather than reactive. Do not wait for things to happen before taking necessary steps.
To maximize safety and security, here are 10 Tips For Building Security
 1. First things first. Know the risks you are facing. Logically, this should be your first step. How can you know how to protect yourself if you do not even know where the threats are coming from.
Once you have identified the risks involved, you can now draw up a comprehensive plan that best suits your needs.  You also have the information you need to help you talk to a commercial access control and facility security specialist.
2. Secure Perimeter. This is your first line of defense. With risk analysis, you need to identify the blind and dark spots in and around your building.
Safety and security is greatly enhanced by installing adequate lighting in areas such as parking lots, break areas, stairwells and dark hallways. Consider external motion activated lights and internal lights that make your building look occupied even when there is no one around.
If there are trees and shrubbery around the building, keep them well trimmed and maintained to eliminate areas where someone can hide and to prevent window or roof access.
 3. Access Control and Regulation. This can be done combining 2 techniques – through natural access control and through technology using an electronic access control system.
Natural access control uses the building and landscaping features to guide people as they enter and exit space. Doing this limits access to your building or facility to one or two entrances that are monitored continuously. This discourages intruders while closing off potential escape routes.
Further monitoring and controlling of access to your building is through an electronic access control system. Using an access control system enables you to control Who accesses your building, When they can access and even exactly Where they can go.
Moreover, it is possible to assign different levels of access to different individuals. For instance, visitors are granted access only to public areas, contractors are allowed access for a limited period of time only and are restricted to certain areas only, and only certain employees may be allowed access to certain high security areas like IT rooms, etc.
Best of all, access control systems create audit trails and reports that can be generated should a security breach occur.
 4. Security Cameras. For buildings requiring enhanced security, a closed circuit TV system is an effective tool for monitoring your building.
It’s important to strategically locate cameras so maximum coverage is achieved for each unit installed. Installing one unit in an “airlock” door system entry, for example allows you to capture extended footage of person(s) who gained entry or have exited the premises.
More than being tools for recording all activity in your building, they also serve as deterrents and contribute to creating a safe environment for your facility. 
 5. Key Control. If an electronic access control system is not applicable for your particular situation, having an established procedure for controlling and distributing keys is important. Assign key custodianship and the responsibility of locking and unlocking the office/building to a few select individuals.
The procedure should include precise instructions on the opening and locking up of the office including checking of washrooms, closets, or areas where someone might hide.  For full accountability, physical keys should be numbered and assigned only to specific people. And a periodic audit of the actual keys is a must.
 6. A Reception area or at minimum, a receptionist, is a good idea. As an extra layer of defense against unauthorized access, having a person or persons dedicated to greet and check-in visitors is a good idea. This gives you the ability to conduct close inspection of credentials and ID’s and ensures security information goes through only a single point.
If a receptionist cannot be accommodated you may opt for a dedicated phone in your building or office lobby whose calls are received by a designated receiver. Visitors are tracked through a sign-in station. For some set-ups, this may just be the system you need.
 7. Anti Theft Devices, Secure Doors and Airlock Rooms. These are minor investments that greatly enhance security.
 8. Cyber Security. Just as important as keeping your building secure is protection against cyber attacks. Therefore investmenting in superior protection from viruses, Trojans, worms, malware and spyware should also be a security priority. Your cyber security plan should include firewalls, security for wireless internet routers, as well as secure back ups for data in case of a cyber attack.
 9. Clear Cut Policies on Security. There are many policies that your company can adapt depending on your particular requirements. What are examples?
  • “Clean Desk Policy” or the practice of having all important documents and valuable equipment stored away from the desk and secured before ending the work day reduces potential for theft.
  • “Chain of possession”. Deliveries should be handed directly to the recipient and not just left unattended on the desk or outside his office
  • To prevent names from being used by criminals to justify their presence in a restricted area, job titles should not posted on any directory that is publicly accessible.
  • To readily distinguish unauthorized persons, employees should be required to wear their ID badges/access cards at all time while on premises.
 10. Employee Training and Information Campaign.  A big percentage of breaches are a result of insider action – employees who do it maliciously and deliberately or through carelessness. Training employees on best practices and policies such as the ones written above, to avoid security risks and breaches due to human error should be a top priority.
Finally, constant communication on any potential security issues help in keeping security and safety awareness high. So, now that you know 10 tips for building security, how many have you implemented, and how many are on your list to take action on before the end of the year?
Tags: Tips for building security, access control, security camera, building security, lighting
How To Safeguard Rental Storage Units to Avoid Thefts
Complete Facility Automation
Sentinel Platinum allows for complete , customizable, ‘event driven’ facility automation. Trigger alarms, lighting, elevators, security call centers, electric fences .. & much more.
A Lighting Control Module controls lighting (or any other relay controlled device) in response to tenant activity and/or the time of day. This gives you the ability to have lighting fixtures come on automatically when a tenant enters, then be turned off after a user-configurable delay after they leave. If necessary, lighting fixtures can be controlled by time zones so they stay off during the day.
  • Automatically control lighting in up to 64 Zones
  • Turn on Lights when Tenant enters Passcode
  • Turn of Lights when the last tenant has left
  • Individual control for hallway’s, driveway’s and other common areas
  • Control lights by building and floor
  • Can be time controlled manually
  • Easily add and configure zones
  • Emergency mode to turn on all lights for police and fire
  • Integrated software control allows easy configuration
Self Storage Association Australasia Conference 2018
Supported 7 days a week
Sentinel support is modeled on world-class ‘managed support’ services, with rapid response to urgent technical issues or queries.
  • Managed support plans available
  • 1 hour response time to urgent incidents
  • 24 hour response to all general incidents
  • Speedy software fixes via TeamViewer
  • Friendly, personable support staff
With over 15 years of experience, Travis Daniels is a passionate, dedicated electrician who prides himself on his ability to troubleshoot any problem from a commercial refit, residential build to a purpose built self storage facility.
Travis and his team are one of our valued installers who mainly works across WA, SA and Victoria. His current range of projects in self storage include Storage King Yarraville and Fort Knox Coburg to name a few.
As a commercial and residential electrician, Travis has to be adaptable and creative enough to come up with solutions on the spot. Frequently on a commercial site the builder will have no idea how wires are going to be installed into a wall, they simply want an electrical outlet in a specific spot. Travis and his team needs to be inventive enough to work out a solution quickly and then get the job done as soon as possible. That is the value of our preferred installers such as Travis, who have the capability, experience and knowledge to adapt our hardware to any project.
Being a former St Kilda player, Travis understands deeply what it means to play in a team together to achieve an outcome that is above and beyond the expectations of our clients. No hour or time is too much for his team. They will work hard to get the best outcomes for everyone.
Aside from living and breathing electronics and Sentinel systems, you will find Travis spending his spare time with his kids kicking a ball around like his old days or at the beach.
Sentinel Australiasia prides ourselves on the broad range of skills such as the capacity to work with a broad range of customers including builders, other commercial contractors and building owners. Sentinel and its family of preferred installers need to be able to communicate effectively and describe the job in clear detail without being too technical so that everyone understands easily.
Our systems are quite broad, we cover all things storage security such as Sentinel Access Control, Sentinel Unit Alarming, Sentinel Lighting Control, CCTV, perimeter security and office alarms. It is important that we provide our valued clients a full turn key solution and having trusted installers such as Travis and his team give us the ability to be dynamic, adaptable and flexible to the needs of any build.
Meet Scotty,
Scotty is the manager at Simply Storage Wyong.
Simply Storage is a new purpose built facility at 4 Dulmison Avenue, Wyong, They are open for business and ready to meet the local storage needs whatever they may be.
Simply Storage is a new independant brand in the Central Coast of NSW and currently it has completed its fit out with our Sentinel Access Systems, CCTV, lighting control and gates.
Scott comes from background in nursing and self storage management of over 10 years.
As the manager is ultimately responsible to the owner or parent company for how well the facility runs. That means making sure the office, grounds, and various security systems are clean, organized, and well-maintained, that customer accounts and needs are in order, that late payment notices go out on time, marketing is done, that the office is well-stocked on boxes and other supplies for customers, and that the facility remains competitive by keeping in mind what local competitors are doing.
It is easy to believe that the role of a facility manager is an easy one and a lot of things in self storage take care of themselves. But Scot always reminds himself that this job is deceptively easy and if things get left by the side because it can be done on a another day, it can easily catch up and overwhelm you.
Scotty and the rest of the team are exceited at the prospect of building this brand in the growth corridor of the Central Coast in NSW.
When asked about if his nursing background helps with self storage. Scott was quick to say yes because as a manager of the site, he is also the caretaker of peoples personal possessions and has to act as a councillor for many of his clients upheavals in life when they are moving and storing.
The Simply Storage Facility is a brand new site in Wyong NSW that caters for commercial, residential and the growing demand for vehicle storage especially with caravans and boats.
Be like Scotty, we need more of him in self storage.
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Sentinel Australasia

We provide market leading security access control software and hardware that can be packaged with our market leading management software and CCTV systems.

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Sentinel Australasia is one of the oldest and premier security brands for the self-storage industry across the world. Together with our expertise in self-storage operations, our extensive range of networks and our range of experienced installers, we are confident of providing a turn key solution for all your security and access requirements for your facility. Sentinel has been servicing the self-storage industry in excess of 40 years across the world, it originated in the US and has been supplied and installed throughout our region for 20 years.
What we offer;
  • 7 day a week help desk/ support
  • All our installers are certified and trained in our software and hardware
  • Sentinel Software interfaces with all major Self-Storage POS systems
  • Our gate access systems are completely customisable for the hours you want
  • Real-time/ on screen gate activity display
  • Sentinel Software reports on all access activity
  • Configurable access levels for restricting access to unauthorised areas and buildings
  • Anti-pass back feature will help eliminate tailgating
  • Several keypad styles available
  • Multiple pass codes per unit
  • Multiple unit arm/disarm with single code
  • Keypads have a standalone mode, so if communications to the software stops your customers will continue to get in and out of your facility.
  • Door Automation
  • Lighting & Elevator Control
  • CCTV
  • Electric Fencing
  • PA and Audio systems
  • Grade A Office alarm monitoring
We make a point to ensure that our dealings with you are done with a face to face conversation, where you won’t be dealing with a 3rd party retailer on selling our products with any added margins.
Sentinel Australasia
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